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Goodbye, Hello

Dual_Logo_medThis is Chuck Welch and this is my last post as “BikeLakeland.”

I wrote my first post about biking in Lakeland in 2006. By 2010, we had started BikeLakeland. Our first goal was to raise funds and place bike racks in Downtown Lakeland. Accomplishing that we set our sights on getting the city recognized as a Bicycle Friendly City by the the League of American Bicyclists.

We reached that goal last year. Then we worked to establish monthly social rides and a yearly BikeBash. Both goals were met.

Through all that, we worked with the city to advocate improved conditions for bicyclists. That’s a never-ending process.

I leave Lakeland next week. To continue the work of BikeLakeland we’ve put together our inaugural board:

Julie Townsend, Tammy Wright, Mary Crowe, Abhishek Mukherjee, Rick Perez and Ron Tomlin.

Each person on the board has extensive experience in cycling and community organization.

I will serve on the board via email and social media until the group reaches their next major goal: to set BikeLakeland as a 501c3 organization.

With your help, BikeLakeland will continue to work hard to improve bicycling conditions and opportunities for all any cyclists.

Thank you for your help these past few years. I promise you nothing we accomplished would have been possible without your support.


Tiger Brad Penny Notices Bike Friendly Lakeland

20110214-13Look what we found over at

Tigers starter and notable Twitter presence Brad Penny usually sends a good-morning tweet every morning after he wakes up. On Wednesday, he greeted everyone with a different tweet.

“Nice 8-mile bike ride to the stadium today,” he wrote.

He confirmed it later: Before a day of workouts in Spring Training, he worked out by riding his bicycle to Tigertown, a 40-minute ride by his estimate. He enjoys the bicycle as a cross-training exercise some days, and Lakeland has made a point in recent years to become more bike-friendly with bicycle lanes on several main roads.

He’s not the only one. Magglio Ordonez won’t commute to the park on his mountain bike, but he said he’ll ride a couple days a week, including near Joker Marchant Stadium along Lake Parker. It’s a good exercise for him, he said, and a good way to gather his thoughts.

Thanks for noticing Brad. We’re also working on adding bike racks and improving our bike paths.

Photo CC by Tom Hagerty for Used by permission.