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BikeLakeland Communications Policy

Dual_Logo_med* – Our primary outbound information tool is through our website,

This site is the only official reflection of our vision, mission and policies. Here we will share long form articles written by BikeLakeland board members. We’ll also encourage area cyclists and bike-related businesses to contribute to our “Bikes and Business” column.

* — Our secondary outbound information tool is our Facebook page:

We share pertinent cycling-related information focused exclusively on BikeLakeland policy, bicycling advocacy, bike safety education and links to local and national mainstream news articles promoting bicycling. We also use Facebook to poll the general public on bike-related questions.

Our Facebook Post Policy:

We will post:

* – Links to local, regional, state and national mainstream news articles on bicycle policy – including articles on infrastructure, bicycling advocacy, and bicycling trends.

* – Links to articles written by board members.

* – Photos of bicyclists and bike-related infrastructure

* – reminders for BikeLakeland events, including the Monthly Social Ride and the annual BikeFest

Others may post –

* – All those who “Like” the BikeLakeland page may post Lakeland-area bike-related content (rides, bike business news, etc.) that will be featured in the “Recent Posts by Others” area on the BikeLakeland Facebook page.

* – BikeLakeland reserves to remove or hide any and all posts/comments made on the BikeLakeland Facebook page.


* – Our primary outbound communications tool is email. We use it sparingly for time-sensitive announcements. All board members use BikeLakeland email addresses to communicate organization-related questions and concerns to local government, businesses and citizens. To contact the board by email please use board [at]

Media and Government Contact

* – To ensure we accurately present BikeLakeland policies, all news-media requests are to be sent to the BikeLakeland president and only the president may speak for BikeLakeland. Please contact Julie Townsend: president [at]

* – Only the president, or the board designee, will speak to government officials about BikeLakeland policy or concerns.


BikeLakeland is Branching Out

In addition to you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

You won’t yet find a lot of content at Flickr and YouTube. We’re working on it…


Cindi is a bike rack. Pass it on.

Cindi is a bike rack.

The new art in Munn Park is Cindi the Cyclist. Purchased by the City of Lakeland, Cindi is actually a bike rack. I’ve seen a few bikes locked to the tree in front of Cindi, so I made sure to lock my bike to Cindi last week while working downtown.

To whom do you lock your bike?