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Photos from the Opening of Edgewood Drive West

(Reprinted from All News is Local)

Looking West on Edgewood Drive West
Owly Images

Bike Lanes on both sides of the new road
Owly Images

CC Keith Merritt talks to City Information Director Kevin Cook before Edgewood opens.
Owly Images

Kevin Cook, Former CC Glenn Higgins, Former Mayor Buddy Fletcher, City Manager Doug Thomas
Owly Images

A multi-use path on the South side of the road from Hardin Blvd. to Lincoln Ave.
Owly Images

Photos (c) Chuck Welch


Summer Vacations

BikeLakeland is moving along. We took off some time off for summer vacations, but will have more to report over the next week. While you wait, check out this video of cycling in the Netherlands in the 1950s….


Third Meeting Down

Sign Rack

Rack Style Considered by BikeLakeland

On Wednesday, June 23rd we met for the third time. In our first meeting, we discussed what we wanted to accomplish: bike racks that are “visible, inexpensive, secure, accessible and attractive.” In our second, we worked with city staff to identify where we could place bike racks. In last week’s meeting, we discussed how we’re going to raise funds.

The group has accomplished quite a lot in the short month we’ve operated. We picked a simple, yet attractive design we want to champion. It’s based on the signs found around Lake Mirror. A simple, “H” design with the logo of a bike in between the cross-bars. (You can see an example above.) The actual design will be tweaked to make sure we arrive at our goal of “inexpensive.”

We’ve found a community organization who believes in the BikeLakeland concept and is willing to help handle the funds we raise. With no overhead, we can spend 100% of what we raise on bike racks.

bikerackparkThis is an “H” design that the city purchased with FDOT dollars for the Park & Ride lot near Lake Mirror. The BikeLakeland design will try to incorporate that simple look and bike logo.



When travelling by bike in Lakeland, the simple fact of the matter is you have to lock your bike somewhere. If there is nowhere nice, you’ll find somewhere less nice, but close. BikeLakeland wants to install bike racks to help facilitate biking.

At our first meeting, we decided to raise funds to purchase racks that are “Visible, Inexpensive, Secure, Attractive and Accessible.”

Check back often to watch our progress or see how you can help.